Saturday, 19 April 2014

Summertime Mini Album

Hey there!  You're back! 
I've got spring and summer on my mind now and this mini album came out of that longing for warm weather.  I made this mini album to donate to a silent auction fundraiser.  I love to be part of a good cause, and it gave me an excuse to make another mini.  Not that I need an excuse, really.  I made this one with Close To My Heart's Timberline paper collection and embellishments.  I wanted to create lots of space for journaling and photos, so chose to keep the interactive elements simple. 
The cover is made of medium weight chipboard wrapped in my fave paper from this pack--the wood-grain.  I made a closure using a buckle and leaf-patterned duct tape.  It reminded me of backpacks and summer hikes.

The spine is covered with wide burlap ribbon and a tree charm.  There's room on the charm ring for the new owner to add their own charms if they wish.

Inside the front cover is a large pocket with a passport style folder which holds 3 1/2" x 5" photographs or journaling.  The pocket is roomy enough for a souvenir park pass or brochures.

Here's a sample page with two flip outs, one of them plain and one with two pockets that hold tags for journaling or small photos.  Found some great bright orange hemp cord for the tag ties.
These flip-outs measure 3" x 5 3/4" so offer up a lot of additional space in this album.  The main pages are 6" x 6" and with the flaps you can tell a great photo story over the two pages.
I love mini pockets and tags, so added a couple of 3" x 3" pockets in the middle of the album for interest. 
Here's another sample page.  I love the mix of colors and patterns in this paper collection and I'm thinking I'll make another album for myself for this year's camping and hiking photos.
Inside the back cover I placed an angle pocket that holds a large fold-out insert.  There's enough space in this pocket to hold additional memorabilia or photos along with the insert.

The large fold-out I left quite plain to allow enough real estate for 2-4 full sized photos.  Each page in the album has a large pocket that holds a 6" x 6" tabbed photo mat.  I made tabs from patterned paper using my 1" circle punch.  The smaller passport style folder holds an additional two photos and I decorated it to be similar to the cover of the main album
I enjoyed making this simple envelope album.  I think it's cute and interesting but not so crowded that the new owner won't be able to use it.  I think a mini album should be fun and interactive, but still be useable as a photo album. 
 Thanks for stopping in to visit!  If you have questions on how I built this little puppy, feel free to contact me.


  1. Wow!! I love this!!! I love how you covered the album with the woodgrain paper!! I have the 8 x 8 kraft album and would love to cover it this way - do you think it's possible? Can you send me some tips?

    1. Hi Caroline! Sorry about the delay in answering, but I can't answer posts from my smartphone and that's all I've had lately. Thanks for your interest in this little album. I generally build my albums from the ground up, that is I make the covers and wrap them as I go with the paper, which is what I did here. However, I've made albums using the Kraft ready-made binder album and it's great! Just cut your desired cover paper to a size about 1/4-1/2" smaller than the cover measurements on all sides and adhere really well with two-sided tape. If you try to wrap it with your paper you'll get a lot of cracking and stretching and it will be a disappointing result. I know this from bitter experience! I seal the edges of the paper with liquid adhesive to prevent them from lifting but if you wanted you could also use a coat of Mod Podge. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me using the "contact me" button on this site. Have fun!