Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Collection of Cards

Hey there! Happy Autumn!

Welcome to C1Make1.  It's been ages since I posted here.  As Bilbo might say "I've been off on a series of adventures".  But now I'm back, and with my creative compulsions in full force. What to do, what to do?  Since my card box was sadly depleted and it galls me to pay 6 to 8 bucks for a card made by a machine, I declared this past weekend as an official card-making holiday.  And I'm pretty happy with the results.  Got 25 cards made, some for all occasions and birthdays, and some for Christmas.  Making cards is a great way to mix and match stray papers and leftovers in your stash, and to use up some of that mountain of bling and ribbon you have.  (No, I have not been peeking in your craft-room windows!) 

I usually spend waaaay too much time agonizing over petty details so I made a deal with myself that there was going to be no perfectionism here, only some fun and relaxation.  And a little productivity. It was the best therapy I could have asked for.  So here's some of the results of my labors.  I got most of the basic ideas from Pinterest and adapted them to my stash and liking.  I have not included any instructions because they're just so simple and a picture tells the whole story basically. 


My daughter says this one reminds her of a Christmas cookie.


Washi tape.  Yep. Got a stash of that too.

The inside of my gatefold card.  Lots of space for a message.

None of these cards took more than a few minutes to make and other than my Bigshot Embosser, no specialized equipment was needed either.  And none of them are perfect.  Just the way handmade cards should be.  
Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to have something fun and interesting to post soon.  No more of this ridiculous "off on an adventure" stuff.  See you soon!