Friday, 14 March 2014

Obsession?? What obsession?

I have an obsession. Well, almost an obsession.  It's not one that will get as much air time as, say, being obsessed with eating laundry detergent.  Or hoarding old clothes and newspapers. Or collecting cats.  But I have been told my behavior borders on obsession, and so I confess it here:

I spend almost all my spare time locked in my craft room creating something.  My desire to make "stuff", especially stuff with paper and glue and ink is, admittedly, a bit intense.  I find myself laying in bed at night thinking about better ways to create the little books I build, or how to best capture a moment with my camera or with words.  When I can't sleep I sit and sketch out ideas or measure stuff or write down things that get stuck in my head. When I look at an object I wonder what it could be instead of what it is.  Sometimes (shocking, I know) my family has to eat leftovers or fend for themselves cuz I'm too busy to come up for air.  (In my defense, my kids are young adults and probably better cooks than I am).  I personally don't think this qualifies as an obsession (yet).  I prefer to call it passion.  I don't think it's something that I need medication for (yet).  And frankly, I don't want to be rescued from this little world I'm in.  I'm happy here and people know where to find me
My intent with this blog is to have a place to share some of my obsession with making stuff, from writing to scrapbooking, making mini books to altered projects.  If, after all this confessing, you'd like to join me in my creative meanderings, I invite you to hop aboardJust a word of warning though.  If you were expecting a peek into a tidy and color-coordinated craft room, you're in for a surprise. When I'm in a creative frenzy, you might have to wear rubber boots in mine!


  1. I love it too! Thanks for sharing, I love the tutorials "the old fashioned way" just as much as the videos and your's are excellent! I can't wait to try them. Will be watching for more :)