Saturday, 22 March 2014

Gatefold Mini Albums

I have a couple of Gatefold Mini albums to share with you.  These were fun to make and are a perfect gift for a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday.  Make them ahead of time with whatever paper collection best suits your theme, then take pictures at the event and add them to the album.  Then present the completed book as a gift to the bride, new mom or birthday girl.  Hope these pictures inspire you to get out there and glue something! 
    Front cover

     Waterfall feature on left inside cover and flip-up pocket on right inside cover.

    Embellishments can be used as a place to tuck tags or photo mats.
    Additional pages show just how much you can put in a little album.  Plenty of space.
Back page with a flip-up mat that hides another pocket.  This one has a magnetic closure.

So here's another made with the same template, but with a few different features and different paper.  Gives you a completely different look.

If you feel inspired, I've put directions in another post, complete with pictures.  And if you love the paper I've used, you can find everything you need here.  I hope you have fun with this and find yourself mini-addicted too!  See ya next time...



  1. your blog really is my favorite! thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're enjoying it.